Augusto Soto 苏傲古

Augusto Soto (傲古) Also known as 奥古斯都·索托

As a EU and Ibero-American scholar and citizen Augusto Soto is leading the Dialogue with China Project 与中国对话项目an independent electronic platform with intercontinental reach aimed at discussing current events, intercultural and international issues as well as promoting projects for a better understanding and interaction with China in the real world. 

Augusto Soto supports programs and projects of Chinese institutions such as China Hoy/China Today magazine (representative in Spain), the Chinese Academy of Social Science (Institute of European Studies), Shanghai University (Center for Latin American Studies)Soto also supports the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (Berlin-Moscow), the Observatory of Chinese Politics (Pontevedra) and Cátedra China (Madrid). 

He has also collaborated with various programs and initiatives at the Elcano Royal Institute (Madrid) including Spain-China Relations Working Group and Energy and Climate Change Working Group.

In recent years he has also collaborated with the Institute for Brazil China Studies (Rio de Janeiro) and the Strategic Culture foundation (Moscow). 

He lectures at ESADE Business School (Barcelona). He has also been lecturing for several years at the Open University of Catalunya, Program of High University Studies (IAEU), Autonomous University of Barcelona and CIDOB, including the International Relations Institute of the University of Chile.

Soto is member of the Belt and Road Studies Network, Beijing.

He is a member of United Nations Global Experts (New York) and contributes to The Global Square Magazine (Madrid)  

Soto has authored countless articles and analyses on China, the Asia Pacific and Eurasia regions in specialized magazines and books published in three continents. 

Over the last three decades Augusto Soto has participated in several China, Asia and Asia Pacific related projects and offered keynote speeches, courses and seminars at international institutions, including CEIBS (Shanghai), UNESCO headquarters (Paris), Foreign Affairs Office Compilation & Translation Bureau and the International Department under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (Beijing), Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (Berlin), China Center for Contemporary World Studies (Beijing), Diplomatic Academy of Kazakhstan (Almaty and Astana), ESADE and IESE (Barcelona), Elcano Royal Institute (Madrid), Chilean Foundation of the Pacific (Santiago), IAE (Buenos Aires), Kobe University (Kobe), East West Institute’s Trialogue21 (US-China-EU, Washington). 

As a commentator he has collaborated or collaborates with a wide range of media organizations including Spanish National Radio, China Hoy (CIPG), Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, People’s Daily, El Mercurio, China Radio International, Russian TV, Radio Sputnik, Grupo de Diarios América, La Nación, Radio France International, Global Asia.

Augusto Soto studied Chinese at the Beijing Language Institute and Chinese Contemporary History at Beijing University during the latter half of the 1980s. He has carried out research on China at Beijing University, University of California, University of Hong Kong, Chengchi University, University of Heidelberg.  He graduated as Professor of History from the Catholic University of Valparaiso.

Soto is included in the roster of the Speakers Academy (Rotterdam):